Vote YES on California's Prop 10! Overturn the pro-landlord Costa-Hawkins law!

The Party for Socialism and Liberation is joining a broad coalition in support of the YES on 10 Campaign to overturn Costa-Hawkins and pave the way for strong rent control in California. The AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), the Alliance for Community Empowerment (ACCE Action), and the Eviction Defense Network initiated the measure and led the efforts to get it on the ballot.

What is Costa-Hawkins? Why is it harmful to renters?

In 1995, landlords and real estate developers got the Costa-Hawkins law passed in the State Assembly. It has given the landlords free rein to raise rents sky-high across California, and hundreds of thousands of people have been evicted.

  • Costa-Hawkins bans cities from passing rent control that can better protect renters.
  • Costa-Hawkins bans vacancy control. This means that when an apartment becomes vacant, the landlord can raise the rent as high as he/she wants, with no limits.
  • It bans rent control for all housing built after 1995. In San Francisco it bans rent control for units built after 1979!

The rents are too high, but we have the power to change it!

A statewide movement of community, union and faith groups are working together to defend our right to housing.

Get involved, help overturn Costa-Hawkins!

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